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Welcome to A Way Out, a mini-series adventure into the unknown depths of the earth and mind.

An unauthorized cave venture gone wrong leaves the only qualified person unconscious. With the professor down, the adrenaline junkie at fault, his grandpa searching for his wedding ring, and a bumbling student failing to keep the peace - Will they find a way out? Each episode focuses on one of the 4 unlikely teammates.


A Way Out was scripted by The Canadian Play Thing’s Apartment of Writing, a collective of emerging playwrights that uses the writer’s room model from T.V. to create stories.

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justin francis lee

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megan adachi

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brianna bock

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Megan hands

My name's Megan Adachi, I'm a fourth-year writing student at the University of Victoria. I specialize in writing stage plays and my favourite genres are science fiction and mystery. I’m thrilled to be working on this project.

Most daring adventure: The night at girl guide camp where we trekked through lighting and thunder to get away from our lighting rod-like tents.


Megan is an early-career writer from Vancouver, studying playwriting at the University of Victoria. She also writes fiction, and is an intern on the fiction board of the Malahat Review. Megan’s goal in her writing is to make her audience laugh, while also showcasing an authentic emotional experience that speaks to a current social reality, and to explore the places where tragedy and comedy intersect. She is also strongly influenced by various folklores and mythology. She is excited to be collaborating on this story with this team of other young writers!

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Alex Cameron

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Shana Dosch

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Puneet kuldeep




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Harold tausch

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Nicole Eun-ju Bell


douglas peerless

Kirsten Sharun - Bree-LynnMistolPhotogra

kirsten sharun


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matthew mak

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Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa is a geeky engineer by day and an enthusiastic improviser by night. She is of Indian descent and recently moved to Toronto after a few years of improv and theatre in Arizona. Her acting has earned her the Best Actress Award at the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival and a double nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the AriZoni Theatre Excellence Awards for her comic roles. She is excited to find her place with the Canadian theatre and arts community.

Most daring adventure: The time I picked up a rattlesnake with a broom and dustpan to put it out in the garden, not realizing how dangerous and silly it was!


I'm a theatre and performing artist currently based in Toronto. I've performed for independent and mainstream venues like Toronto Fringe, Tarragon Young Playwrights, and Crane Creations. I love new work and I'm happy to be here!

Most daring adventure: The time we climbed across the rock walls of Leslieville Spit.



Nicole Eun-Ju Bell is a Toronto based mixed-race multidisciplinary artist.  She works as an actor, projection designer, technician, and writer.  More recently, she has branched out into producing podcasts and delving into the live-stream medium.  She's had a lovely time working on this radio drama with such a talented team and hopes you enjoy!

Most daring adventure: The time I went cliff jumping at the Grotto in Tobermory



My first experience on stage I won Best Comedic Actress (amateur) for my interpretation of Marion in There’s a Girl in my Soup. Pre-pandemic, I sang with the Victoria Choral Society and took jazz singing lessons from Maureen Washington. After a long hiatus to raise my daughter and work overseas, I am delighted to be assisting new playwrights in hearing their scripts come alive!

Most daring adventure: Leaving everything and everyone I knew to go to Tunisia and teach in an international school for two years. Best thing I ever did!


Kirsten graduated from the University of Victoria's theatre program in 2020, receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a minor in music. Kirsten continues to develop her versatile skills as an actor, director, producer, applied theatre practitioner, and entrepreneur. In the past few years, Kirsten has co-devised and facilitated No Stepping Back, an applied theatre workshop for judges, lawyers, and legal counsel at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Edmonton, and directed and co-produced the sci-if audio drama podcast ARCA-45672.

Most daring adventure: Exploring the imaginative worlds in my backyard as a young girl!

Matthew is an emerging composer, singer-songwriter and music producer for both music and  music production. Currently a student studying music at the University of Calgary, he plays multiple instruments, such as the piano, guitar and vocals. He has a huge passion for K-pop and often blends elements of that genre into his own work. Recently expanding his knowledge in the audio engineering field, he is elated to be given the opportunity to work with the production A Way Out and hopes that there will be more opportunities, including music composition, in the future.

Most daring adventure: The time I raced against my friends, barefoot, in a 10m dash in knee-high snow… without pants, in ~-20C weather.


Douglas is excited to present his first time doing voiceover work! He is a Toronto-based actor but has done most of his work in his hometown of Victoria, BC. Doug graduated from the University of Victoria’s Phoenix Theatre in 2019. He is currently playing the lead role of Max in Geordie Theatre’s The Little Mighty Superhero.

Most daring adventure: The time I took a two week ocean kayaking trip around the Broughton Archipelago!


Harold Tausch is a Toronto based actor, voice actor, dancer, and singer/songwriter. He has appeared in a variety of plays and radio plays, films and web series. He is in the early stages of rehearsal for a dance  piece and a dance/theatre piece and a virtual play.

Most daring adventure: The time I spent a year hitchhiking around Europe and North Africa.


John, raised in Edmonton, Alberta, achieved his undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta majoring in Drama. Although he is working in another field other than acting, he hopes someday to work on more great productions in the future. He is thrilled to be part of the A Way Out cast.

Most daring adventure:  traveling across the country from Quebec city to Edmonton in less than 24 hours in a small single engine aircraft.



Shana Dosch is a twenty-two-year-old actor from the village of Roche Percee in southern Saskatchewan. They starred in their first official stage production at the age of seven, and instantly fell in love with acting. Since then, they have performed as often as they could, in many different communities, and many different mediums.

Most daring adventure: I got lost in Japan in highschool.




Our thanks to:

Ciaran Volke

Intrepid Theatre

Kelsey Cain

Janet Munsil

Canadian Play Thing Donors


Original reading cast:

Luciana Fernandes

Rachel Levy

Cam Culham

Ray Dhaliwal

Aidan Guerreiro

Brianna Bock is an emerging playwright/author/podcaster. An excerpt from her debut three-act play Where We Ended Up was published in This Side of West, which has lit a fire in her to get more of her works published. Her works and interests lie in magical realism, with themes of community and perseverance. Recently, she is now interested in tragedies. She is so unbelievably excited to be involved with The Play Thing and can't wait to see what new works will come from this project!

Most daring adventure: The two times I went white water rafting or the time I went dirt biking in the Outback.




Justin is an emerging writer and director for the stage and screen. As the project manager for the Canadian Play Thing he runs The Apartment of Writing for emerging talent and an interview series connecting emerging writers to playwrights that have influenced their work. Recent credits: writing Ngaii Duk (SATCo), acting in I and You (Langham Court), and assistant directing on the film sets of Dream Book, Bubba Lou, and All in Madonna. Currently investigating subjects of cultural hybridity and the accessibility of theatre, he is elated to be writing dramas for the intimate space of everyday headphones.


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