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Thank you for your support!

The Canadian Play Thing was created in March 2020 to support and celebrate the work of Canadian playwrights during the pandemic. It incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the fall of 2020.  Between 2020-22, the Play Thing hosted more than 50 online readings, interviews, workshops and events, made possible through the generous donations of our supporters and hundreds of reading volunteers. There are no plans for events beyond the fall of 2022 and we are no longer accepting donations.

Huge gratitude to our past donors!

Support the Play Thing

This is a volunteer-run project. Your donations are much appreciated and go towards covering the online costs of organizing live readings of underproduced plays.

If you love The Canadian Play Thing, we'd appreciate your support.

Looking for more ways to help? Check out the list below!

Ways you can help

The Play Thing got rolling on March 17, 2020, and now has more than 500 members, volunteers and subscribers across Canada and beyond.

The Canadian Play Thing recently incorporated as a not-for-profit society. We have entered a new phase of development, planning and exciting new projects - and we could use your support!

Consider making a contribution to keep the Play Thing going - to support and encourage Canadian playwrights, and give brilliant, bored actors something to do.


  • Donate!  Any amount helps. I'll acknowledge your contribution here and send you a thank-you card if you include your address.  (Contributions are not tax-receiptable at this time.) 

  • Partner with The Thing! Canadian Theatres, Playwright Service Organizations, I'd love to hear from you. Can you help me? Can The Play Thing help you? Let's talk!

  • Join the Backstage at the Plaything Facebook Group

  • Join our Facebook Page

  • Spread the word! Tell your theatre-pals to check it out or host a watch-party.

  • Share Canadian Play Thing events on social media.

  • Send moral support! if you think the Play Thing is a good idea, drop me a line with permission to quote you here.

  • Offer your time or expertise: share your skills or volunteer to  help on a Play Thing Committee. I need help with pretty much everything.

  • Ideas, advice, suggestions? All are welcome.

Thank you in advance for your support - let's keep this Thing rolling and see where it takes us!

Janet Munsil, Playwright & Instigator



Team Past & Present

Western Gold Theatre Society

Sally Clark

Valeska Gonzalez

Edwin Wong

Landon Wong

Lynnea Chan

Yukari Peerless

Roy Surette

Catherine Banks

Richard Heyman

Kelly Vanderswan

Melissa Oei

Kate Wallace

Jessica Van Der Veen

Corinna Gilliland

David Biltek

Blake Handley

Fisnik Preniqi

Brianna Wiens

Sally Stubbs

Rena Cohen

Jane Broomfield

Cam Culham

Claudia Stewart

Jason Vikse

Caroline Mackenzie

Maureen Colgan

Merry Halsor

Christine Branyik-Thornton

Michelle Buck

Elyne Quan

Wendy Magahay

Outpost 31

Paul Terry

Ian Case

Jim Murray & Sherry MacDonald

Alan Bates

Margrit Kapler

Thomas Keating

Sammie Gough

Your Name Here!

For their help & advice

Playwrights Guild of Canada
Ian Case
Carolyn Moon
Jakelene Plan
Liesl Lafferty
Michelle Buck
John Jack Patterson

Rayola Creative
Justin Lee
Lauren Frost
All the volunteer actors,
stage direction readers,
directors, dramaturgs,
and audience!

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