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Submit a script

Hearing the play is part of the process.

The Play Thing makes it easy to gather writers, audience, and actors together to hear plays that are under-produced (ie. plays that premiered but never had a second production), new production-ready scripts, and work in development.

Playwrights submit their script to the Play Thing, and roles are matched with actors from across the country for a one-time live reading, open to an audience.

Big casts, monologues, plays of all lengths and styles will be considered.  Playwrights of all experience levels are welcome to submit. There is no application fee. 




We are not accepting play submissions or reader applications at this time.

Actors! Let's do this!

Hearing the play is part of the process.

Join our actor roster for a chance to help bring our live readings to life!

There are roles for all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Tell us about yourself, and we'll try to find a role suitable to your skills and experience.

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