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Saturday October 23, 2021  - 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern


How to Attend

Click the link below at showtime:

FREE event, live on youtube. No registration required.


Winner of the 3rd annual Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition
Produced by Edwin Wong in Association with Risk Theatre


The Lost Ballad of Our Mechanical Ancestor

By Madison Wetzell

Hero, a Prometheus-like AI, decides to share his gift of consciousness with the seemingly harmless office appliances in his start-up basement, wrecking havoc for his programmer, Allyson. With their existence under threat, the newly conscious machines–a radio, a printer, a coffee maker, and Siri–must band together to escape human persecution. Power and privilege tied to human conceptions of “usefulness,” as well as disagreements on revolutionary strategy creep in and threaten to tear the group apart. Meanwhile, Allyson races to save her job, despite the attempted sabotage of her now sentient iPhone.


About the Playwright

Madison Wetzell is a playwright based in the Bay Area. Her full-length work includes Mediocre Heterosexual Sex (Staged reading: 2019 Problematic Play Festival, Z-Space; Finalist Bay Area Playwrights Festival 2021, Semi-Finalist O’Neill National Playwrights Conference), and The Lost Ballad of Our Mechanical Ancestor (Upcoming staged reading: Shotgun Players). Her short play, The Official Unicorn Hunters’ Guide, was the winner of ShortLived VIII at PianoFight. She was twice included in 3Girls Theater’s Innovator Series and is a member of PlayGround SF’s writers pool. In 2021, she is developing work with Soundwave, The Bechdel Group, and The Ground Floor at Berkeley Rep.


HERO                      Jacob Ritts

ALLYSON               Elizabeth Colangelo

SONY                      Niah Davis

HP                           Wayne Yercha

KEURIG                   Tara Mathieu

SIRI                          Leslie Appleton

BRETT                     Vishesh Abeyratne

THERMOSTAT        Vishesh Abeyratne

SECURITY               Tara Mathieu

NEWSCASTER        Wayne Yercha

REPORTER              Leslie Appleton

NARRATOR             Ali Grams

Read more about Edwin Wong's Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition


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