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The Apartment of Writing is a writer’s room composed of emerging playwrights. Using the model of T.V writer’s rooms, the team meets online to develop and break the story before going off to write their assigned episodes.


This initiative focuses on fostering collaboration between emerging playwrights and exploring methods of story-telling unique to COVID-19 circumstances.

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Meet the Writers

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Justin Francis Lee

Justin is an emerging playwright and director for the stage and screen. Recently finding his feet in writing, his first one-act play Ngaii Duk (SATCo 2019) provoked him enough to attempt a full-length version. For film, his screenplay Knot Working pitched at the CineVic Short Circuit film festival and he’s been breaking his way on set as an AD for BC films Dream Book, Bubba Lou, and All in Madonna. Currently focused on subjects of cultural hybridity, Chinese culture and the accessibility of theatre, he is elated to be working with the Play Thing to bring digital theatre into Canadian homes.

Favourite audio drama right now:

BBC The Latvian Locum

Megan Adachi

My name's Megan Adachi, I'm a fourth-year writing student at the University of Victoria. I specialize in writing stage plays and my favourite genres are science fiction and mystery. I’m thrilled to be working on this project. I’m horrible at committing to a favourite anything, but right now I’ve really been enjoying backlogs of the Bright Sessions.

Favourite Audio-drama right now:

The Bright Sessions

Brianna Bock

Brianna Bock is an emerging playwright/author/podcaster. An excerpt from her debut three-act play Where We Ended Up was published in This Side of West, which has lit a fire in her to get more of her works published. Her works and interests lie in magical realism, with themes of community and perseverance. Recently, she is now interested in tragedies. She is so unbelievably excited to be involved with The Play Thing and can't wait to see what new works will come from this project!

Favourite Audio-drama right now:

Night Vale Presents: Alice Isn’t Dead

Megan Hands

Megan is an early-career writer from Vancouver, studying playwriting at the University of Victoria. She also writes fiction, and is an intern on the fiction board of the Malahat Review. Megan’s goal in her writing is to make her audience laugh, while also showcasing an authentic emotional experience that speaks to a current social reality, and to explore the places where tragedy and comedy intersect. She is also strongly influenced by various folklores and mythology. She is excited to be collaborating on this story with this team of other young writers!

Favourite Audio Drama right now:

Two Up Productions: Limetown

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