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Sunday MARCH 14, 2021  - Noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm GMT


Bouche Theatre Collective

In association with Axis theatre, Canadian Play Thing, Presentation House Theatre & PHT Creative Hub Co-operative


A Glimpse into New Translation: Online Workshop Series

Join Bouche Theatre Collective for our New Translation online development series. Discover the leading new works of francophone Canadian theatre, meet the playwrights and their translators, and play a part in the new translation process.


Join us after the reading for an online conversation with the playwright and translator.
More info:


Click the link below at showtime

Free event. Online venue opens 5 minutes prior to start. Capacity 100.

Latecomers welcome - audience does not appear on screen.



By Philippe Soldevila | Translated by Leanna Brodie

Inspired by the short stories by Pere Calders

Translated from Conte de la lune (Quebec, Canada)


“…the clear skies of hope, and poetry able to chase away the darkest clouds and the deepest suffering…a celebration of beauty.” – Le Soleil


Nothing is impossible when you believe in your dreams, you can even go to the moon. A diary in an abandoned suitcase carries us back to the 1940s, to a little Catalan village in the heart of Spain. Joan is ten years old. The war that has torn his country apart is finally over, and after an absence of five years, his father at last returns home. Joan’s wild imagination helps him to survive a father imprisoned by Franco’s fascists, the disappearance of his dog – and the fact that he’s rotten at math! Years later, his diary tells of the Spanish Moon, of lemon trees, and of long forgotten days.

Originally produced by Théâtre les Confettis with le Théâtre Sortie de Secours. 

In association with Axis Theatre & The Presentation House Theatre



“I’m born of Quebec, both feet in the snow. My parents are born of nations of the sun.”
– Phillipe Soldevila (Playwright)


Phillipe Soldevila’s award winning emigration trilogy is a deeply personal work taking us on a journey of two continents, and four generations. From Spain to Quebec, from 1917 to 2017, The tales of this trilogy explores identity, the encounter between cultures, and the search for belonging in Canadian culture.



Philippe Soldevila (He, Him, His) is a leading francophone director, playwright, author, and translator. With a BA in French literature (Université Laval) and Theatre (University of Ottawa), he studied at the Conservatory of dramatic art of Quebec. He is the artistic director of Théâtre Sortie de Secours. In May 1998, he received the John Hirsch Award from the Canada Council for the Arts in recognition of his work as a director. He wrote and directed Tale of the Moon (Mask 2006 for Best Production for Young Audiences, Éloizes 2007 Production of the Year Award and ZOF Award of the French Cultural Federation and SAIC). His artistic approach is guided by his fascination with cultural intermingling and identity issues.



Leanna Brodie (She, Her, Hers) is an actor, playwright, and translator whose passions include lifting up the stories and voices of women, and championing a new generation of French-Canadian playwrights by transmitting their extraordinary theatrical visions into the English language. Her original plays The Vic, For Home and Country, The Book of Esther, and Schoolhouse (Talon Books) have been performed across Canada. Her translations include Christian Bégin’s After Me and Why Are You Crying?; Louise Bombardier’s My Mother Dog; Annie Brocoli’s Stardust; Rébecca Déraspe’s You Are Happy, I Am William, and Gametes; Amélie Dumoulin’s Violette; Sébastien Harrisson’s From Alaska and Two-Part Inventions; Catherine Léger’s Opium_37 and I Lost My Husband!; David Paquet’s Wildfire and The Shoe; Olivier Sylvestre’s The Paradise Arms; Philippe Soldevila’s Tales of the Moon; Larry Tremblay’s Panda Panda; and multiple plays by Hélène Ducharme of Théâtre Motus, whose acclaimed, Dora Award-winning Baobab continues to tour China and the Americas after more than 600 performances.



These workshops are made possible by grants from Canada Council for the Arts. This project is produced with the co-operation of the UBCP/ACTRA.


Special thank you to: Canada Council for the Arts, Axis Theatre, Presentation House Theatre, The Canadian Play Thing, Ruby Slippers Theatre, Global Hive Labs., PTC, Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal, Centre des auteurs dramatique, & UBCP/ACTRA.

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